Heating and hot water supply

Ríos Renovables installs heating and hot water systems for private individuals, neighbourhood communities and tertiary and industrial sectors, powered either by natural gas, biomass or any other source. We manage the entire process: engineering, legalisation, execution, commissioning, and preventive and corrective maintenance.

Ríos Renovables is strongly opting for facilities whose fuel is biomass due to its undoubted advantages. There are numerous reasons why we recommend this type of installation: these facilities have a neutral balance in terms of atmosphere emissions, fuel price, simple O&M, etc.

We also commission district heating networks to supply, with only one thermal power plant, heating and sanitary hot water to the maximum number of users, avoiding the installation of heat-generating equipment at the client’s property. District heating facilities have high performances, making a more efficient use of the fuel than single heating systems. Its performance is estimated to be a 10% higher than centralised buildings’ performance, and 30-40% higher than individual households’ performance.

For monitoring and facilities management, Ríos Renovables has implemented a self-developed monitoring system that is integrated into the Control Centre and it records the performance of each facility, easing fault detection and acting immediately.

Ríos Renovables has participated in:

  • Workshop in 2nd Fair of Forest Biomass of Navarra, organised by the Government of Navarra in Pamplona – October 2014.

  • Stand in 2nd Fair of Forest Biomass of Navarra.

  • Stand in International Fair of Air-conditioning, Heating, Ventilation and Cooling – IFEMA, February 2015.

Related projects
Name Province/State City Thermal power anio
Madrid Madrid 839 kWt 2019
Zaragoza Zaragoza 2019
Madrid Boadilla del Monte 1.800 kW 2018
Madrid Pinto 2018
Asturias Oviedo 2018
Madrid Madrid 1000 kWt 2018
Navarra Valle de Egüés 2018
Barcelona Barcelona 400 kWt 2018
Zaragoza Zaragoza 2017
La Rioja Logroño 1.000 kW 2017
Zaragoza Zaragoza 180 kW 2017
Zaragoza Zaragoza 160 kW 2017
Navarra Ribaforada 150 kW 2017
Zaragoza Zaragoza 2.000 kW 2016
Zaragoza Ejea de los Caballeros 1.000 kW 2016
Barcelona Terrassa 1.000 kW 2016
Barcelona Seva 1.000 kW 2016
Barcelona Terrassa 500 kW 2016
Asturias Oviedo 2016
Cantabria Santander 428 kW 2016
Madrid Madrid 660 kW
Navarra Fustiñana 115 kW
Madrid Leganés 660 kW
Madrid Móstoles 400 kW
Madrid Madrid 672 kW
Toledo Talavera de la Reina 392 kW
Madrid Torrelodones 1102 kW
Navarra Tudela 50 kW
Asturias Oviedo 500 kW
Asturias Oviedo 160 kW
Navarra Valladolid 2.600 kW
Madrid Fuenlabrada 2.000 kW
Madrid Móstoles 1.600 kW
Guipúzcoa Zestoa 2.000 kW
Cantabria Liérganes 2.000 kW
Ávila Arévalo 1.200 kW
Huelva Ayamonte 350 kW
Segovia Ortigosa del Monte 350 kW
Segovia Riaza 100 kW
Segovia Carbonero el Mayor 800 kW
La Rioja Rasillo de Cameros 300 kW
Zaragoza Alhama de Aragón 1000 kW
Madrid Móstoles 500 kW
Madrid Madrid
Complejo residencial Torres del Queiles Navarra Tudela 700 kW
Residencia Montesalud Madrid Las Rozas 280 kW

Esta empresa ha recibido una ayuda cofinanciada al 50% por el Fondo europeo de Desarrollo Regional a través del Programa Operativo FEDER 2007-2013 de Navarra

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