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Public lighting


We manage energy consultancy work for the Administration, conducting energy studies and improvement proposals for energy saving and efficiency in public lighting.

In addition, we also manage public lighting installations, either on a procurement and installation mode or under an ESCO company, where we take care of the payment of the electricity consumed by preventive maintenance according to current regulations and total equipment warranty, after replacing them with more efficient equipment (in most cases, with LED technology).

All our facilities are monitored and managed by our Control Centre. With the monitoring system, we can detect consumption and deviation, so we can act immediately on the premises. From the Control Center, all parameters are monitored and maintenance tasks are coordinated, both preventive (according to legislation and established schedule) and corrective tasks.

Related projects
Name Province/State Light points
Alumbrado público de La Puebla de Alfinden Zaragoza 69
Cañizar del Olivar Teruel 113
Alumbrado público de Urrea de Gaén Teruel 130
Alumbrado público de Torrijo del Campo Teruel 111
Ayuntamiento de Pedrola Zaragoza 227
Alumbrado público y exterior en Gurrea de Gállego Huesca 320
Alumbrado público de Cortes de Aragón Teruel 81
Renovación de luminarias LED en Santa Eulalia del Campo Teruel 148
Alumbrado público de Caldearenas Huesca 253
Alumbrado público Ezkurra Navarra 54
Iluminación LED en San Juan de Mozarrifar Zaragoza 17
Campo de fútbol de La Puebla de Alfinden Zaragoza 20
Renovación del alumbrado público de Utebo Zaragoza 100
Alumbrado público de Alagón Zaragoza 1428
Edificios municipales de Utebo Zaragoza 2674
Alumbrado público de Cabanillas Navarra 430
Alumbrado público de Fontellas Navarra 500
Alumbrado público del municipio de Graus Huesca 1250
Alumbrado público de Ribaforada Navarra 920
Alumbrado público de Santesteban - Doneztebe Navarra 542
Alumbrado público de una zona de Buñuel Navarra 44

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