Solar pumping

One of our priorities is to research and to innovate in our field to be leading in the renewable energy sector. We develop solar-powered water pumping systems, which are used by irrigation communities or owners (one of the major applications of photovoltaic solar energy); these systems can supply energy to the pumping equipment in places where there is no electricity or there is limited access, as well as they can reduce energy costs in places with energy supply.

Groundwater extraction requires a significant amount of energy. Nowadays it is an urgent need to reduce the energy consumption from plants that burn fossil fuels and to diminish the strong dependence that is created around fossil fuels.

One of the applications of energy generation through solar photovoltaic installation is water pumping for crops irrigation.


  • Profitable and innovative application.

  • Minimum maintenance of the facility.

  • Reduction of energy dependence.

  • It promotes responsible consumption.

  • It decreases consumption of natural resources.

  • It minimizes the environmental impact and pollution which affect human health.

  • It increases the security of energy supply.

  • It reduces the impact of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

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