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Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS)

At Ríos Renovables, we offer integral solutions in battery energy storage systems, adapted to the specific needs of each project.

One of the biggest challenges of the renewable energy industry is to reduce energy losses caused by the lack of transmission systems, and BESS systems are the most suitable to guarantee this. Therefore, in Ríos Renovables we wanted to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise in the photovoltaic sector to go a step further and contribute from our engineering to stabilize the energy supply.

A more stable and reliable supply

Battery energy storage systems (BESS) represent a revolutionary technology in the field of renewable energies. These systems make it possible to store electrical energy obtained from renewable sources, such as solar or wind, or directly from the grid, for later use, facilitating more efficient and sustainable energy management.
Los BESS desempeña un papel crucial en la transición hacia una matriz energética más limpia, al permitir un suministro eléctrico más estable y confiable, reduciendo la dependencia de fuentes de energía convencionales y fluctuantes.

Integral solutions

At Ríos Renovables, we offer integral solutions in battery energy storage systems, adapted to the specific needs of each project. Our services include:

We take care of all the necessary management to obtain the required permits for the installation of BESS systems. This process includes from the initial site evaluation, through compliance with local and environmental regulations, to obtaining the necessary approvals to proceed with the development of the project.

We offer a comprehensive EPC service for BESS projects. Our specialized team is in charge of system design engineering, procurement of all necessary components and project construction. We guarantee tailor-made solutions that optimize system performance and efficiency, ensuring maximum quality and reliability in project delivery.

We provide complete operation and maintenance services for BESS systems, ensuring their optimal performance over time. Our offering includes remote monitoring, preventive and corrective maintenance, and system upgrades to maximize the lifetime and efficiency of energy storage.

At Ríos Renovables, we are committed to the advancement of renewable energies through innovative solutions such as BESS systems. With our permitting, EPC, and O&M services, we guarantee a successful implementation and maximum performance of each project. Contact us to explore how we can support your battery energy storage needs.

Lower environmental impact

Battery storage systems are currently the most widely used for energy storage due to the various advantages they offer: they do not require much regular maintenance and have a higher energy density, so they can store more energy in a smaller space and reduce environmental impact.

These systems serve, among other things, as a complement to renewable sources, such as solar, tidal or wind energy, as well as helping to reduce intermittency in the power grid, giving resilience to end users by ensuring energy supply and providing operational continuity.