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Operation & Maintenance Services

Our commitment to quality makes us unique. Ríos' long-term vision and our desire to offer services and solutions of proven quality have led us to supervise projects in their entirety, internalise processes and optimise and enhance the maintenance of our infrastructures and wind farms.

We guarantee the maximum efficiency of our solutions throughout their useful life, returning the trust placed in us by our customers in the form of energy.

Operation and maintenance (O&M)

For RÍOS Renovables, the activities of Integral Operation and Maintenance (O&M) of the facilities provide added value in the future development and maximum profitability of the projects, since they allow achieving the objectives set in relation to the production and availability of the facilities and electrical infrastructures.

Thanks to the experience we have acquired and the large volume of installations in which we operate, we provide a quality service with maximum guarantees for the client, allowing us to optimise resources and considerably reduce costs.

Full service for maximum efficiency


Control centre

Innovative control centre with real-time visualisation.

Communication system

Communication and monitoring system for installations and equipment.

Daily operational monitoring and control

Guaranteed availability and PR thanks to continuous monitoring.

O&M plan

Design of the O&M Plan adapted to facility requirements

Preventive and corrective maintenance

Maintenance of MV and HV installations, cleaning of grounds and roads, and daily operation and surveillance.

Reduction of diversions

Procedures for reducing deviations in wind energy scheduling.


Periodic reports with a summary of the values recorded by our SCADA system and with the corrective actions carried out in the installations.

Regulatory and environmental monitoring

The advantage of working with our own system lies in the fact that it avoids technological dependencies on other companies and allows us to adapt to the requests of our clients, both for installations in project and in operation.

Control center

We have two innovative Control Centres, one in Spain and the other in Italy, from where we supervise in real time the operation of the renewable energy installations, public and private lighting, thermal installations, etc. to which we provide our O&M service.
The constant supervision and control and the speed in the solution of incidents make possible a high availability of the installations, optimising the operation and increasing the profitability.

Highly qualified technicians

The control centre operators report all incidents in real time and can analyse all network parameters via a graphical interface and determine the source of the fault.

Efficient maintenance management

This set of control tools allows cost savings in operation and maintenance, offering a more efficient service. Data is read in real time, so detection times are instantaneous, making immediate intervention possible.
The management is computerised in a web database, which makes it possible for the different control centres to share the knowledge acquired, and allows our technicians to learn from the previous experiences of other technicians.


Our philosophy is to monitor all installations so that our staff can immediately detect what is happening in each installation. The status of each of the luminaires can be observed graphically and the errors they have can be determined.

A flashing colour represents a warning, which our technicians analyse in order to solve it remotely or, if necessary, send it to the maintenance staff.