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Focus on energy

Ingenuity, rigor, reliability, innovation and comprehensive service

We are a consolidated business group in the renewable energy market that manages and develops activities focused mainly on photovoltaic energy and energy efficiency.

We have a team of more than two hundred professionals of maximum solvency and proven experience, as well as a network of collaborators in the main capitals of Spain.

Promotion and development of photovoltaic projects
Operation and maintenance of photovoltaic projects
Industrial and residential self-consumption
Energy Efficiency
Thermal energy
New energy sources

Paving the way for renewables,
transforming trust into energy

Ríos Renovables diversifies its activity in different business lines related to renewable energies and their technological and industrial development.

Since 2004, when the first solar photovoltaic plant was connected, we have built and commissioned more than 250 MW in Spain and 50 MW in Italy.

We monitor industry trends and integrate them into our departments to offer our customers the most advanced solution adapted to their needs.

From our control center, we manage the operation and maintenance of more than 300MW of photovoltaic projects, to ensure the proper

"Reaching the future requires questioning the present incessantly"

At Ríos, we started operating in the renewable energy field when it was still a promise full of uncertainties. And we have never abandoned that spirit of questioning and improving the status quo. This spirit has often led us to reinvent ourselves and diversify, to achieve a solid presence in areas such as energy efficiency or new technologies. To continue to question which vectors will mark the development of the future and to anticipate them through research and development.

Confidence never comes from having all the answers, but from being open to all the questions.

Wallace Stevens

"True rigor is what drives productivity"

Our leadership in the industry has led us to be present throughout the entire energy production value chain. Our activity encompasses promotion, engineering, development, procurement, construction, and operation and maintenance.
Y esa visión global nos ha demostrado la importancia de transmitir seguridad a los inversores, y relación entre el rigor y la productividad. El compromiso con la calidad, la apuesta por primeras marcas, la seguridad de los técnicos y la supervisión de todos los procesos son atributos propios de la firma Ríos y garantía de que nuestras soluciones alcanzarán mayor productividad y rentabilidad a lo largo de su vida útil.

Every obstacle is destroyed with rigor

Robert Kennedy

Innovation to spearhead renewable energies

One of the main priorities for RÍOS Renovables is R&D+i. Our mantra is clear: we want to be the spearhead of innovation and progress in the field of renewable energies. Therefore, in the company we have a department that applies this maxim in the field of research, development and innovation in the different technological areas related to our industry.


Adalberto Ríos started his business venture to set up Electricidad Ríos together with his brother, which continued in Proyectos y Montajes Eléctricos Ríos.

In 1992, with more than thirty employees, we tried our hand at renewable energies by installing self-consumption systems.

The Photovoltaic Industry Association – ASIF – certifies that the company Proyectos y Montajes Eléctricos Ríos carries out its activities within the Photovoltaic Solar Energy sector.

Ríos Renovables enters the renewable energy market in Italy working with an important investment fund from Lombardy.

The crisis of 2012 motivates a diversification strategy with the incorporation of new business lines: energy efficiency and biomass.

In 2018, the activity recovers with the return to the construction of photovoltaic parks and self-consumption.

We currently have more than 200MW in photovoltaic parks and hundreds of self-consumption installed.

We also have numerous energy efficiency projects and we remain committed to clean energy.


Focus to rely on


of photovoltaic capacity put into operation since 2004


of photovoltaics under development


of connected photovoltaic self-consumption by 2022


in operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations