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New energy sources

At Ríos Renovables we work actively to offer our clients the best solution, which is why we are proactive in the trends of renewable energies, to introduce them into our business areas and diversify our activity.

The green hydrogen and BESS department at Ríos Renovables is promoting several energy storage projects in the UK and Spain. The green hydrogen projects we have in prospect are in Spain.

Green hydrogen

More than 100 million tonnes of hydrogen are produced worldwide, 96% of which is of fossil origin. Green hydrogen is produced through renewable energy sources, such as solar photovoltaics.

Commitment to innovation

The evolution of RÍOS Renovables has been supported by the company’s investment in R&D&I, focusing its efforts on the continuous improvement of its SCADA monitoring software and developing and integrating new telemetry, analysis and maintenance management systems. It has an advanced experimental photovoltaic test bench with a fixed structure and one and two-axis tracker that allows:

  • Rigorous analysis of results.
  • Monitoring of compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications and performance of each technology.
  • Detection of possible defects.
  • Tests and improvements in monitoring, software, equipment, etc.