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Photovoltaic parks

With more than 30 years of experience, Ríos Renovables has established itself in the renewable energy market, providing a comprehensive service and being present throughout the project value chain.

We encompass the promotion, engineering, development, purchase, construction (EPC) and sale of projects, as well as their operation and maintenance.

We offer a complete EPC and O&M service, which includes from the development of photovoltaic installations, with the corresponding guarantees, to the subsequent operation and maintenance.

Focus to rely on


of photovoltaic capacity commissioned since 2004


of photovoltaics in the development phase


in operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations

Comprehensive service at all stages

We search for and study new sites for wind farms, Due Diligences for permits, licences and authorisations, drafting of contracts and/or agreements, carrying out all investment procedures.

We develop new wind, photovoltaic, electrical and civil engineering projects. We process and manage the permits, licences and authorisations required for the construction, commissioning and operation of the facilities.

We analyse and study new projects by means of legal, administrative, corporate and technical due diligences for the approval of operations.

We have direct contact with the main banking institutions to obtain financing, either via Leasing or Project Finance. We take the necessary steps with investors, whether financial institutions or investment funds, for the final sale of the projects.

Solar pumping

We develop systems for solar water pumping aimed at irrigation communities or homeowners, which make it possible to power pumping equipment in places where there is no electricity grid or where access is difficult, as well as reducing energy costs in places where there is a supply.

The extraction of groundwater requires a significant amount of energy and there is currently an urgent need to reduce its consumption from fossil fuel power plants due to the strong dependence generated around them.

One of the applications of energy generation by means of a solar photovoltaic installation is the pumping of water for crop irrigation.

Commitment to innovation

The evolution of Ríos Renovables has been supported by the company’s investment in R&D&I, focusing its efforts on the continuous improvement of its SCADA monitoring software and developing and integrating new telemetry, analysis and maintenance management systems. It has an advanced experimental photovoltaic test bench with a fixed structure and one and two-axis tracker that allows:

  • Rigorous analysis of results.
  • Monitoring of compliance with the manufacturer’s specifications and performance of each technology.
  • Detection of possible defects.
  • Tests and improvements in monitoring, software, equipment, etc.