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Focus on energy

We believe that the preservation of the world is written in nature. And that is why we focus our energy on writing the future of renewables.

At Ríos Renovables we have always known that we want to be the future of energy. We have been pursuing it since the time when renewables were just a promise.


Because our obsession is to contribute in our field to liberate the future, promoting renewable energies and raising them to greater heights of development.

Paving the way for renewables, transforming trust into energy

We have been on the road to renewable energy for more than 30 years. We were pioneers in an industry that was just starting out and today is determined to change the world. And along the way, we have become a leading partner in photovoltaics, energy efficiency and 360° engineering.

Today we continue to lead innovation in sectors in constant evolution, such as self-consumption installations and new technologies. Transforming the productivity, reliability and efficiency of all our installations and projects in the confidence of our stakeholders.  And their trust, in energy.

Focus to rely on


of photovoltaic capacity commissioned since 2004


of photovoltaics in the development phase


of connected PV self-consumption in 2022-2023


in the operation and maintenance of photovoltaic installations


For 30 years, Ríos Renovables has been developing and managing solar photovoltaic plants under all types of modalities, whether turnkey or in any of its phases.

Energy efficiency

We improve the energy efficiency of our clients’ facilities, taking risks to ensure the best possible results.


We carry out photovoltaic and mixed self-consumption installations, combining photovoltaic and wind power technology, off-grid or grid-connected, with or without energy storage in batteries.

Thermal and biomass

We carry out heating and domestic hot water installations for individuals, communities of neighbours and the tertiary and industrial sector, as well as heat networks or district heating.

New energies

We work actively to offer our customers the best solution. Therefore, we are proactive in the trends of renewable energies, in order to introduce them in our business areas.


Integral Operation and Maintenance (O&M) activities of the facilities provide added value in the future development and maximum profitability of the projects.

A reliable team with proven experience

We rely on a team of more than two hundred professionals of maximum solvency and proven experience, as well as a network of collaborators in the main capitals of Spain. Professional rigour, speed and solvency in the analysis of projects allow us to provide the best solution to the needs posed by our clients.
nuestros clientes.


specialists in the future of energy


countries with ongoing projects

Your integral partner in self-consumption

We work to offer our clients the best product, developing all phases of the project.