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Our technical teams have started on-site construction of the Corella photovoltaic park. This will be the largest plant that Ríos Renovables has built (for the moment 😉) in Navarre with an investment of approximately 52.7 million euros.

In fact, it is a 62 MW project that we are tackling with the same enthusiasm with which we started the first one and which represents a commitment to local employment and sustainability. In this sense, this initiative consists of two photovoltaic plants that, together, total 155,000 400 W solar panels with a single-axis horizontal tracking system and an approximate extension of 135 hectares of land.

The construction of the park will generate around 380 jobs, to which another thirty or so jobs will have to be added for the maintenance and management of the installation. Thus, once completed, it will have the capacity to generate 115,000 MWh of clean energy per year, equivalent to the consumption of 31,000 homes; or enough green energy to cover the needs of Corella, Cintruénigo and Castejón.

This means that it will save 46,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions, the volume that a forest of 1.5 million trees sets annually, as well as 70 tonnes of other gases such as nitrogen oxide (NOx) or sulphur dioxide (SO2).