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Our company expects to complete by the end of this summer the two new photovoltaic parks that we are building at the factories that Congelados de Navarra has in Fustiñana and Arguedas, respectively.

Therefore, thanks to these new installations, of 2.41 MWp and 4.53 MWp respectively, Congelados de Navarra will have a total installed power of 9.54 MWp. In this way, they will be able to “reach a self-consumption ratio of 20 %, a milestone that will enable them to manage the energy they need to carry out their activity as a producer of frozen vegetables and frozen products more efficiently.

At the same time, this development will enable them to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. “Energy self-sufficiency will undoubtedly make us more efficient, environmentally sustainable and therefore more competitive”, said Benito Jiménez, CEO and president of the Congelados de Navarra Group.